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The Main Resorts in Israel.

Travel To Jerusalem
Travel To Jerusalem Mount Zion visit Ling David's tomb.
walk through the Old City the
Armenian and Jewish Quarters
to the recently excavated and
restored Cardo the Roman Road.
The Kotel - the Western Wall.
A trip on the walls of Jerusalem.
Yad Vashem the Jewish people's
living memorial to the Holocaust.
Yemin Moshe the first neighborhood built
outside the city walls
Walk through Mishkenot Sha'ananim
and view the Montifiore Windmill.
a trip following the steps of
of heroic brake through to
Jerusalem, Latrun, Burma Road, the Castel.
Siloam Tunnel water source for Jerusalem at the time of King David.
Travel To Dead Sea
Travel To Dead Sea Masada tours - World Heritage Site
First view a film of the Masada
Then go up the cable car to Masada
Guided tour which we recognize what happened at Masada.
The Roman war against the Jews,
a few against many And the tragic end
that symbolizes freedom is better than slavery
Even if it means death.
Recognize the period of Herod at Masada
Great building project that includes
Food storage warehouses,
Masada water problem and Herod solution
water storage plant.

A trip to the Dead Sea rivers
Knowledge the animals and the plant
in the Lowest place on earth
Oasis natural phenomenon - water in the desert
organize Dead Sea Hotels Fun Day
Dead Sea Hotels Fun Day Sample of regular fun day Program
From morning 9:00 to 18:00
Use of hotel facilities including
A private beach, an outdoor pool,
Spa saltwater pool, sauna, jacuzzi.
Bathrooms and Showers,
getting towels,
Coffee and cake.

Dead Sea Spa packages
massage 30 minutes, 40 minutes.

Travel To North Israel
Travel To North Israel Travel To Tiberias
Jordan rafting and kayaking river boat,
Boating in the lake of Galilee,
Horse riding trip magical view of the lake kinneret,
Jeep tour North Israel,
Walking in Rivers - Hiking,
Historic Places Kibbutz Kinneret Where lives Rachel,
Naomi Shemer walking in the Kibbutz
Travel To Tiberias Following her songs "the red car",
the house on the hill song "eucalyptus grove".
Hamat Gader Spa Trmominrliim water pools,
a crocodile farm.
Important places for Christians,
sea of galilee tours.

Travel To Eilat
Eilat Underwater Observatory.
Sailing Yacht in Eilat.
Eilat Cruises glass boat.
Eilat Overall yacht water sports.
Eilat Jeep tours.
Eilat Hiking tours.
Trip to Timna Park - Solomon's Pillars, the lake.
Kings City.
"IMAX" - three dimensional film.
Eilat Water Activities.

Travel To Tel aviv
Travel To Tel aviv trip to old Tel aviv Ahuzat Bayit
the foundation of Tel Aviv.
Bialik House The national poet
Chaim Nachman Bialik.
David Ben Gurion House The first
Prime Minister of Israel David Ben Gurion.
Independence Hall where was the declaration
of the State of Israel.

Travel Tel aviv Tel Aviv architecture
old houses in Tel Aviv Opera House,
Neve Tzedek neighborhood
(Suzanne Dellal Center)
Azrieli Mall a View of Tel Aviv from above.

Museums in Tel Aviv
Gutman Museum of Art, Israel Museum,
Beit Hatfutsot, Hagana Museum,
The Palmach Museum, The Etzel Museum,
Lehi Museum "Beit Yair".

Trip to Old Jaffa
Walking through the alleys of Old Jaffa
The historical story of Jaffa Napoleonic period
at Napoleon's time, the time period of
the Ottoman (Turkish).
Jaffa port the gate to Israel in old time,
The Clock Square.

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