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day trip to the dead sea
Depart Tel Aviv or jerusalem
via the Judean Hills
to the Dead Sea,
the lowest place on earth.
Visit a Dead Sea products shop.

Drive along the shores of
the Dead Sea to Masada.

Masada Trips Masada Tour
Where you will learn about
the heroic story of the Jewish fighters.
Ascend by cable car and tour the mountain
fortress built by king Herod,
where the zealots of the first
Masada Tour century made their last stand
against the Romans.
Visit the remains of the walls,
palaces, synagogue, water cisterns,
mosaic floors, roman baths
and other findings.
Descend by cable car.

Dead Sea Group Tour Continue to the Dead Sea,
Enjoy the unique opportunity
to swim and float in the Dead Sea
that many believe has
therapeutic effects.

On the way back, view Qumeran Caves,
where the Dead Sea scrolls were found.
Group Dead Sea Mud
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Dead Sea hotels Fun Day
Use hotel facilities including
A private beach, an outdoor pool,
Spa saltwater pool, sauna, jacuzzi.
Bathrooms and Showers,
getting towels,
Coffee and cake.

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